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 A tour through Jordan’s diverse landscapes and historical treasures. From the enchanting Rose-Red City of Petra to the majestic desert of Wadi Rum, and from floating in the Dead Sea to exploring the ancient ruins of Jerash and Ajloun, each site unveils a unique piece of history. Discover the rich heritage of Madaba and Mount Nebo, marvel at the Desert Castles, and visit the significant Baptism Site. Journey along the Kings’ Highway, explore the Dana Natural Reserve and explore the ancient wonders of Shobak Castle and Little Petra. Finally, relax and soak in the beauty of Aqaba, the modern and ancient city, with its inviting Red Sea waters.

Sites you are going to visit /include in the itinerary :

-Petra : Discover the Rose-Red City of Petra, lost to the outside world for centuries.

-Wadi Rum : Explore the majestic desert of Wadi Rum.

-Dead Sea : Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea at the lowest point on earth.

-Amman City Tour Sites : Explore the markets and downtown areas, sampling the local food and learn some Arabic.

-Madaba & Mount Nebo : discover the amazing Byzantine mosaics excavated throughout the town & See the mosaic Madaba Map, the oldest preserved map of the Holy Lands.

-Jerash : Explore vast Roman ruins.

-Ajloun : Explore history in the green north.

-Umm Qais : the site of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Gadara, a member of the Decapolis.

-Desert Castles : beautiful examples of both early Islamic art and architecture, stand testament to a fascinating era in the country’s rich history.

-Karak Castle : It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant.

-The Baptism Site : The site of Jesus Christ at Bethany beyond the Jordan.

-Wadi Al Mujib : the lowest nature reserve in the world

-The Kings’ Highway : a route that has been in use for centuries

-Dana Natural Reserve :Jordan’s largest nature reserve.

-Shobak Castle : known as Montreal, that was built by Crusaders

-Little Petra : a Nabataean site, with buildings carved into the walls of the sandstone canyons.

-Aqaba : Enjoy seeing the sites of the modern and ancient city on a short city tour. There’s also plenty of time for relaxing, swimming, and optional water sports such as snorkeling in the Red Sea

The Trip in (short) Summary

Day Number Date Tour Itinerary
Day No. 1 Queen Alia Airport – Amman
Day No. 2 Amman – Jerash – Ajloun – Umm Qais – Amman
Day No. 3 Amman -Amman City Tour – Desert Castles –  Amman
Day No. 4 Kings Hwy from Amman to Petra (Madaba, Mt Nebo, Wadi Mujib Viewpoint, Karak, Dana Viewpoint)
Day No. 5 Visit Petra – Wadi Rum
Day No. 6 Wadi Rum 04 hours Jeep tour – Aqaba
Day No. 7 Aqaba – The Baptism Site – Dead Sea & Overnight
Day No. 8 Dead Sea Free Day – Queen Alia Airport and departure




  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Lunch Box, Water, fruit and chocolate
  • Departure Taxes
  • Entry Fees

Tour Plan

Day 1 Queen Alia Airport - Amman

Your amazing trip to the land of mesmerizing beauty begins as you arrive at Queen Alia Airport. Our representative will be waiting for your before Customs to assist you with your free visa to Jordan. Your will be taken to meet your driver and transferred to Amman. As the capital of Jordan, Amman is a fascinating city of contrasts, a unique blend of old and new, ideally situated on a hilly area between desert and the fertile Jordan Valley.Amman offers plenty of lively nightlife, with everything from cultural to traditional Arabic entertainment, modern restaurants and night clubs. No activities or meals are included on your first day. However, if you arrive early, there are a few excursions around Amman you may be interested in.

Overnight Hotel in : Amman

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: No Meals Included

Day 2 Amman - Jerash - Ajloun - Umm Qais - Amman

Drive to the north to Jerash, the well preserved city of the Roman Empire, often called Pompeii of the East. Initially built by Alexander the Great, the town started to prosper after the Roman conquest, and was one of the Decapolis cities in northern Jordan. Visit Hadrian’s Arch, built in 130 AD to honor the visit of Emperor Hadrian. Pass the Hippodrome offering space for 15,000 spectators, the impressive Forum, continue to the Temple of Artemis with columns 12 meters high and each drum weighs 20-40 tons. Other highlights are the Colonnaded Street and the Nymphaeum.

Transfer through a beautiful pine-forest and olive groves, reaching the city of Ajloun. Here you will find Al-Rabid Castle; the 12th century Castle built by one of Saladin’s lieutenants in the campaign against the Crusaders. You will explore the castle by yourself. It is an easy site to explore by yourself.

You will continue to drive up North to Umm Qais, which is situated on the border with Israel, offering impressive views over the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. Umm Qais is the site of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Gadara, a member of the Decapolis. The city is mentioned in the New Testament as the site where Jesus cast out demons and sent them into pigs, who then ran into the sea. The ruins boast an impressive Colonnaded Street, a vaulted terrace and the remains of two theatres. You will explore this site by yourselves. It is easy to navigate around and the main features have information boards to help you.

Drive to Amman and Overnight

Overnight Hotel in : Amman

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 3 Amman -Amman City Tour - Desert Castles - Amman

Start your Amman city tour to explore Amman downtown. Amman is a bustling modern city. We will visit the Citadel with remains from the Roman to the early Islamic period. Located at the Citadel site is the small Archaeological Museum, housing an excellent collection showing the occupation of the site over the centuries. We stroll via the Souq, where you get an idea of everyday life, to the Roman Theater from the 2nd century with 6000 seats. The Amman City Tour is a self guided tour with your driver transferring you to each site.

You will head East to the Eastern Desert. You will visit three of the region’s famous desert castles built by the powerful Umayyad dynasty – UNESCO-listed Qusayr Amra, Qasr Kharana and Qasr al-Azraq. Qusayr Amra was once an Umayyad hunting hideaway. The impeccably preserved castle is now best-known for its 8th-century frescoes that depict hedonistic scenes of nude women, wine and wild times. Next stop is the impressive 2 story Qasr Kharana where Mesopotamian, Arabic and Greek influences are all apparent inside its walls. Qasr Al-Azraq is built from black bassalt and was built as a hunting lodge by the Umayyads, but is more famously known as TE Lawrences headquarters in more recent history.

Drive to Amman and Overnight

Overnight Hotel in : Amman

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 4 Kings Hwy from Amman to Petra (Madaba, Mt Nebo, Wadi Mujib Viewpoint, Karak, Dana

Viewpoint)Kings Hwy from Amman to Petra (Madaba, Mt Nebo, Wadi Mujib Viewpoint, Karak, Dana Viewpoint): Today you will travel to Petra on the Kings Hwy a route that has been in use for centuries. Your driver will pick you up from the hotel in the morning and transfer you to Madaba. Best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, Madaba is home to the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. With two million pieces of vividly coloured local stone, it depicts hills and valleys, villages and towns as far as the Nile Delta. The Madaba Mosaic Map covers the floor of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, which is located northwest of the city centre. The church was built in 1896 AD, over the remains of a much earlier 6th century Byzantine church. The mosaic panel enclosing the Map was originally around 15.6 X 6m, 94 sq.m but only about a quarter of which is preserved. You will then proceed to Mount Nebo where Moses is said to have stood and looked out to the Promised Land. On a clear day you can look out over the Dead Sea and all the way to Jerusalem. Continuing down the Kings Hwy you will stop at the Wadi Mujib viewpoint. Known as the Grand Canyon of Jordan this is an expansive valley and offers great views. Drive to Karak where you will visit Karak Castle the famous Crusader castle built in 1132/34AD by King Baldwin I. of Jerusalem. You will continue down the Kings Hwy to Dana where you will stop and look at the viewpoint. If there is time you can stop and visit Shobak Castle.Continue to Petra where you will end your day.

Overnight Hotel in : Petra

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 5 Visit Petra - Wadi Rum

Today, visit Petra . This fascinating ancient Nabatean capital dominated for a long time the Arabian trade routes, and is a must see in the Middle East. Walk through the 1.2km long Siq (chasm), passing shrines, tombs and carvings, to reach the lost city of Petra. See the magnificent Treasury as you exit the Siq, explore the Street of Facades, Roman Theatre, Colonnaded Street and Qasr Bint. You will then have free time to explore further on your own too . There are still plenty of places to see such as the Byzantine Church, Temple of the Winged Lion’s and you might like to climb the 800 steps to the Monastery or the shorter climb to the top of the High Place of Sacrifice.

You will be transferred to Wadi Rum for overnight . If you will be there before sunset, then you are lucky to see the sunset. Marvel at the sunset and gaze at the stars in the night sky whilst enjoying the legendary hospitality of the Bedouin, before sleeping at the foot of the awesome mountains exploding out from the desert landscape.

Overnight Hotel in : Wadi Rum

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : Bedouin Camp, Standard Luxury Tent at Luxury Camp, Stargazing Tent at Luxury Camp

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6 Wadi Rum 04 hours Jeep tour - Aqaba

Breakfast at the camp and enjoy the sunrise. Be ready to enjoy the wilderness adventure of a 4×4 tour of Wadi Rum, Enjoy the wilderness adventure of a 4×4 tour of Wadi Rum, following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, climbing sand dunes and rock bridges. Start the 04-05 Hours 4×4 tour . The sites you are going to visit are : Nabatean Temple – Aretas (IV): Used by Nabatean to worship ALLAT (Goddes). This temple was built on the ruins of Allat temple of the AAD TRIBE. Lawrence’s spring: where Lawrence of Arabia reputedly washed during the Arab Revolt. Has an attractive rock inscriptions on nearby rocks. Sand dunes: large area of sand dunes piled up against the mountains. Fun to climb to the top. Have desert-adapted plants . Khazali canyon: deep, narrow fissure in the mountain side, containing many rock inscriptions. Little bridge : one of the most popular rock bridges in Wadi Rum desert is named for its size. The Um Fruth rock bridge is one of the most photographed places in Wadi Rum. The bridge is about 15 meters up from the desert floor. Lawrence’s House in Wadi Rum is called so because TE Lawrence reportedly slept here during his time in the desert. But actually the place has a much older history than its namesake. Burdah Rock Bridge/Burdah Arch : This natural rock arch is the largest and most impressive rock arch found in our Protected Area. You will enjoy a box lunch/cocked Bedouin lunch during the tour.

Leave to Aqaba, Surrounded by rough and rugged mountains that change color as the day ends, Aqaba is Jordan’s only port city. It lies on the most northern tip of the Red Sea, which is amazing. You will enjoy a short Aqaba City tour seeing the modern and ancient sites. You will have optional tours and activities you can do : Snorkeling, Glass boat or you can have free time. Free day by your own in Aqaba . There are optional tours while you are in Aqaba , here is the link : https://johtt.com/our-tours-2/item/42-jht-optional/275-diving-snorkeling-in-aqaba-optional

Overnight Hotel in : Aqaba

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7 Aqaba - The Baptism Site - Dead Sea & Overnight

We will drive towards Baptism Site (Bethany), the place where Jesus Christ was baptized by St. John the Baptist. It is now one of the 3 most important places of pilgrimage in Catholicism. Al-Maghtas ( “baptism” or “immersion”), officially known as Baptism Site “Bethany Beyond the Jordan”, is an archaeological World Heritage site in Jordan, on the east bank of the Jordan River, considered to be the original location of the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and venerated as such since at least the Byzantine period. The place has also been referred to as Bethany (Beyond the Jordan) and Bethabara (Hebrew‎). Al-Maghtas includes two principal archaeological areas: the remnants of a monastery on a mound known as Jabal Mar-Elias (Elijah’s Hill) and an area close to the river with remains of churches, baptism ponds and pilgrim and hermit dwellings. The two areas are connected by a stream called Wadi Kharrar.

Dead Sea Hotel Overnight : Continue our trip down to the lowest point on Earth. The Dead Sea located in The Jordan Rift Valley is a dramatic, beautiful landscape, which at the Dead Sea, is over 400m (1,312 ft.) below sea level. The Dead Sea is flanked by mountains to the east and the rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west. Enjoy a swim in its warm salty waters and rest and relaxation at your hotel.

Overnight Hotel in : Dead Sea

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : 3* Hotel, 4* Hotel, 5* Hotel

Overnight booked / covered by : Our Agency

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day 8 Dead Sea Free Day - Queen Alia Airport and departure

Drive to Queen Alia Airport (Amman Airport) and Drop you off, where your tour ends there, Good Bye!

Overnight Hotel in : N/A (End of the Tour)

Accommodation (Hotel/Camp) Category : N/A (End of the Tour)

Overnight booked / covered by : N/A (End of the Tour)

Meals Included: Breakfast


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